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Who We Are

At the intersection of pop culture and cocktail culture, where the world’s greatest bartenders conspire–that’s where you’ll find Mover & Shaker, a Jacksonville, FL-based boutique creative agency (of sorts) with its proverbial finger ever on the pulse of what’s happening in the hospitality industry. 

Who is Mover & Shaker?

Call us what you will, Mover & Shaker is the brainchild of two accomplished veteran bartenders, Nick Hogan and Shannon Pilcher.

Founder, Nick Hogan (@boldcitybourbon)

Born out of their shared passion for creating memorable experiences and a keen eye for great design, the Mover & Shaker brand has become a banner of sorts for the new generation of bartenders and hospitality professionals who fully embrace the service industry lifestyle and the colorful, diverse community that surrounds it.

Event Coordinator, Shannon Michelle (@shanandthecity_)

Both Nick and Shannon are seasoned bartenders, each with a lengthy list of cocktail competition wins and industry accolades under their belts. Though you’re more likely to catch them slinging merch than shaking cocktails these days, their years of experience behind the bar have given them sharp insight into the cult and culture of hospitality.

Their unique and informed perspective is what makes Mover & Shaker such an authentic and relatable brand capable of reaching and resonating with their discerning niche.

What we do

There’s more to Mover & Shaker than just pins and shirts. We bring great ideas to life, then we bring them to the people, wherever they are. Some of those ideas are wholly our own.

Collaboration with Death & Co

For others, we collaborate with brands of all sizes who are interested in reaching hospitality professionals and the most hardcore cocktail enthusiasts with exciting merchandise collections, full-blown digital campaigns, engaging social media content, and much, much more. 

Interested in collaborating with us?

Drop us a line and we’ll reach out to discuss the details.

Learn More About Mover & Shaker Here

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