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Mover & Shaker Co. is the passion project of Nick Hogan and Matt Shail, lifelong friends who combined their backgrounds of craft bartending and graphic design to build a brand dedicated to craft bartenders and cocktail enthusiast. Mover & Shaker Co. started as an outlet to bring iconic bartending staples from behind the bar and onto bartenders’ aprons. The brand has since taken a life of its own, representing all things positive and charitable in the hospitality industry.
Nick Hogan is a Jacksonville, Florida brand ambassador and craft cocktail bartender. After receiving degrees in Finance and Risk management from Florida State University he started his professional career in the Insurance industry and shortly after discovered the world of bartending and spirits. Down the rabbit hole he went…
When he’s not bartending or traveling, he’s likely standing on a plank of wood somewhere, whether it’s above concrete, water or snow.
Matt Shail is a freelance graphic designer based out of Jacksonville, FL. His desire to design developed in his early primary school days when he was introduced to various methods of creating print and digital advertisements.
In his spare time Matt enjoys skateboarding and expanding his record collection.
For more information on us, wholesale, and custom product inquires please reach out to us via the contact us link.


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