400 Rabbits Pin

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In Aztec mythology, Mayahuel, the 400-breasted goddess of the maguey plant, bore 400 rabbit children, the Centzon Tonochtin. These divine creatures — some of whom are mischievous, some of whom have a dark side — are responsible for drunkenness in general, and individually represent all the different ways intoxication manifests itself. Angry, sad, scandalous, chatty, beer-goggled, sulky: Next time you’re drunk and feeling yourself some feelings, remember that there’s an Aztec rabbit god for each one, and hope you don’t meet them all in the same night.

“Chasing 400 Rabbits: Pulque from the Aztecs to Now”
- Danguole Lekaviciute

1.25" wide soft enamel pin
single metal clasp
polished gold plating