Los Lobos Pin

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The Mexican wolf was held in high regard in Pre-Columbian Mexico, where it was considered a symbol of war and the Sun. In the city of Teotihuacan, it was common practice to crossbreed Mexican wolves with dogs to produce temperamental, but loyal, animal guardians. Wolves were also sacrificed in religious rituals, which involved quartering the animals and keeping their heads as attire for priests and warriors. The remaining body parts were deposited in underground funerary chambers with a westerly orientation, which symbolized rebirth, the Sun, the underworld and the canid god Xolotl.

Just 20 years ago Mexican wolves were extinct in the wild in the U.S., with only 184 wolves remaining in captivity in the U.S. and Mexico. Due to conservation efforts of Service and partners, the wolf has gone from the brink of extinction to at least 114 wolves in the wild in the U.S and 30 in Mexico.

1.25" tall soft enamel pin
dual metal clasp
black nickel plating